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is the island of Koh Samui lies 84km (52miles) off the east coast in the Gulf of Thailand, near the mainland commercial town of Surat Thani, the largest province of the south, It is about 685 Km from Bangkok.

Koh Samui is still in some places an idyllic tropical retreat with fine sand beaches and simple living- in fact, many Western visitors are settling in for their retirement on the island, and talk of good real estate deals and vacation time-shares is all the buzz. Comparisons with Phuket, on the west coast, are apt.

sala thai Restaurant, lamai beach, Koh Samui, THAILAND

From mid-December to mid-January is The high season on Koh Samui. The best weather is January to April, before its gets hot. November bringing extreme rain and winds that make the east side of the island rough for swimming. The temperature range is between 23ºC - 37ºC.

More than 2 million coconuts are shipped to Bangkok each month. Most of the fruit is made into coconut oil, a process that involves scraping the meat out of the shell, drying it, and pressing it to produce sweet oil. Some of them are drunk when they are still young, juice has unique test and the meat is sweet and tasty. To assist farmers with Koh Samui's indigenous breed of tall palm trees, monkeys are trained to climb them, twist loose the ripe coconut, and gather them for their master. Don't forget to try fresh young coconut!!!! 

What to do?

  • Samui has all kinds of activities, scuba diving, bungee jumping, jungle trekking and also cooking schools. Most people come here for fun and relax. You will find all kinds of activities, sailing, jet skis, and banana boat parallel at beachside.

What to see?

  • Wat Phrayai( Big Buddha Temple), mote than 24m(80ft) tall, sits atop Koh Faan (Barking Deer Island), a small island connected to the shore by a causeway almost 305m(1000ft) long.
  • Hin Ta and Hin Yai( beautiful Rocks ) which are the Grandfather and Grand mother stones, shape like male and female anatomy, are located at the end of Lamai beach.
  • Samui Monkey Theater is the place to show off monkey skills involved in the local coconut industry. Monkeys are trained to climb the trees, spin the coconuts to break them off their stems and collect after finished.
  • Haad Na Thon is a waiting beach for Samui visitor to relax spending times during waiting for the next ferry
  • Haad Bo Phut: The attractive Bo Phut, or fisherman's village, offers a pleasant combination of white sand beautiful beach and quiet atmosphere, because of seafood restaurant and shopping place, the beach is smaller others, but many overlook this imperfection because of the friendly local and traditional architecture, which create an ambience that reminds you that you are still in Thailand.
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